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“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” Eliel Saarinen



Discovery option: Let us take you one a one-day tour of Johannesburg’s suburbs. We will help you to identify which area best suits your lifestyle and show you the different styles of houses.

Comfort option: Over two days we show you the suburbs of Johannesburg and set up house viewings matching your criteria. We also help you identify the important places in your potential neighbourhood (schools, grocery stores, malls, furniture stores, banks, etc.).

On request, we also offer additional services such as facilitating the telephone, Internet or TV installation, providing you with temporary furniture, etc.

Car-finding services: At Lexa Leio we can help you find the right vehicle for you, help you with all the related paperwork and set you up with an insurance provider. Feel free to contact us for any request you may have.



Are you a young professional staying in Johannesburg for a limited period of time? Are you looking for short-term accommodation? Lexa Leio offers a range of en-suite rooms in a shared house. The house is pleasant, secure and located in Sandton. The rent is all-inclusive and can be paid in Euros or in South African Rand. Visit the L’Auberge website for more info.

Swimming pool
Secured residence
Central location
Fully furnished
Cleaning service
Laundry service



Do you own real estate property in Johannesburg and you are leaving South Africa? Lexa Leio can be your local relay and manage the sale or the letting of your property.


“I rent” option: At Lexa Leio, we will find a tenant and we will handle all the issues that may arise during the duration of the lease agreement. We will function as the landlords in your place. You can enjoy complete peace of mind wherever you are; we deal with everything and send you a monthly report so you keep track of what is going on. The service fee is derived from a percentage of the monthly rent.


“I sell” option: Are you perhaps planning on leaving South Africa and didn’t have time to organise the sale of your house? We act as a facilitator between you and the real estate agencies of your choice.  The fee will depend on the value of the property.



Do you want to go on holiday without having to worry about the safety of your home?

Lexa Leio ensures an active presence in your house while you're away.

Lexa Leio staff members visit your home daily (at random times of the day) and we make sure that a visible presence is made before we leave (moving a car into the driveway, turning on different room lights every night, etc.).

In addition, a trustworthy Lexa Leio staff member spends one night a week in your house in order to maintain presence.

Fee: R2500/week



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