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Lexa Leio is a Johannesburg-based start-up service provider with one clear mission: to simplify the lives of all expatriates living in Johannesburg.

Lexa Leio brings you an innovative community platform which combines needs with service delivery. Our aim is to facilitate contact between people. We also offer dedicated services when no alternatives can be found within the Lexa Leio community of South Africa.

We are a dedicated and attentive team and strive to respond to each request with tailor-made, individual solutions to suit the client’s every need, whilst conveying our values of social responsibility and positivity.

Team Lexa Leio

Stéphanie, Valérie, Jérémy



"We used the services of Lexa Leio for our two children and we were very satisfied with them. As a couple working, this service has allowed us to gain serenity and flexibility for our children's classes at different times. David and Dennis are very professional and very friendly drivers, they have excellent contact with the kids, a big thank you to Lexa Leio!"

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"I strongly recommend Lexa Leio in general and particularly for its Helpers service. Thanks to  Lexa Leio my helper finally benefits from the unemployment coverage (UIF), a process that I first initiated individually but without result. Second, it provides a platform for my helper where she receives training and assistance in  finding a job when we leave the country. It is a win-win solution for both parties. Lexa Leio, thank you!"



"As a freelance musician, music teacher and choir conductor, there were not many options to work legally in South Africa as a foreigner.

Indeed I wanted to participate in the local economy in paying my taxes so I could have either created my own business or been held by a company such as Lexa Leio. They have been very helpful, even before I signed my contract with them : giving me their insight of which options were offered to me in SA. The reason I have chosen Lexa Leio is simplicity. As I never really know for how long I will stay, it was much easier for me to be held by Lexa Leio which is managing my "accounts" with my students and clients payments and my taxes.I am very happy so far with their services."

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"Consulting independent is the solution that allows me to maintain my professional activity and keep my clients at the mercy of changes of my husband's work. With Lexa Leio, I do not have to worry about billing, collection, accounting ... they take care of everything, especially since it is not always easy to understand the mechanisms of personal tax and other social charges in a foreign country!"



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